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ADVERT TYPES & SIZES                      ONE MONTH PLAN                 ONE YEAR PLAN

Leader board (728 by 90)                                 $2,700                                   $2,500 per month

Full banner (468 by 60)                                     $2,500                                   $2,300 per month

Half page Ad (300 by 600)                                $2,500                                   $2,300 per month

Vertical Rectangle (240 by 400)                      $2,000                                   $1,800 per month

Large Rectangle (336 by 280)                           $1,800                                   $1,500 per month


SPECIAL PROJECTS                                             TYPE                                          PRICE (ONE MONTH)

Federal and State governments                   Documentary                                 $15,000

(Text, Picture and Video)

Ministries/ Departments                                  Documentary                               $10,000

and Agencies                                                (Text, Picture and Video)

Private organizations                                          Documentary                              $5,000

(Text, Picture and Video)


ENTERTAINMENT SPLASH                                      LOCATION                                 PRICE

(Text, Picture and Video)                            (South West, Nigeria)                     N500, 000

(Any other parts of Nigeria)          N700, 000

(Out of Nigeria) depending on the country)    $5,000


PUBLICATION OF PRESS RELEASE                        

The price is $50 for 100 words



File Size:               Max 25kb

Formats:              JPEG, GIF, FLASH

Destination:       Click-through URL and ALT Text

All adverts must be received one week ahead of Ad placement date to allow for production, testing and quality assurance.

Campaigns will commence when evidence of payment has been received by our company.

Notice of extension of placement must be received one week and one month in advance for monthly and yearly advert placements respectively.


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E-mail: sulaimanadenekan@yahoo.com