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China to send another pilot container train to Riga in late February

This time, the pilot train will be unloaded at the port of Riga, and from there the containers will be shipped by ferry to Hamburg, Lusis said.

“It is planned that the train will leave from the Chinese province of Hunan at the end of February and that in two weeks’ time the containers will be delivered to Hamburg through Riga. Also, container platforms are being delivered to Riga from the Chinese city of Yiwu. These cargos are not meant for Latvia, but they will undergo customs clearance in the Belarusian city of Brest before they are forwarded to the port of Riga. It is planned that in the future customs clearance for these cargos will be carried out in Riga so that they do not have to make the detour through Brest,” said Lusis.

As reported, already last year an agreement was reached with China about the next delivery of container cargos to Riga, but due to holidays in China and Europe the pilot train’s departure was postponed to fully exclude possible delays along the way.

Lusis told LETA at the beginning of this year that there is a plan to work out a special tariff for the cargos that are carried by train from China to Riga and then by ferry to Hamburg, Duisburg and other Western European ports.

The first pilot train from China, arranged by LDz Logistika and China Railway in partnership with TransContainer, left for Latvia on October 21, 2016. The Yiwu-Zabaykalsk-Riga route is 11,066 kilometers long. The train arrived in Riga on November 5.
Source: Baltic-Course

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