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Founder, Efiwe Mr. Philip Alabi

Efiwe: Equiping African Tertiary Libraries


(TRADE NEWSWIRE): The need for access to relevant resources like books, equipment, journals etc. are fundamental to educational institutions and their success. Any current or past student in Public African tertiary institution will immediately see the utter lack of resources and the student’s struggle to seek knowledge amidst this lack of resources, TRADE NEWSWIRE reports.

Efiwe is a Non-profit organization based in the US that hopes to collect relevant post-secondary textbooks and send them to tertiary Institution Libraries in Africa.

Its aim is to help give students access to resources needed and increase the quality of education received in these institutions.

Efiwe is a Non-profit organization that is inititated in March 2017 to give African tertiary Institution students access to the relevant materials needed for success in their tertiary education. With a mission to send over One million (1,000,000) books to African tertiary Institution libraries by 2030, The goals are fixed.

In the words of the founder, Philip Alabi – “My ultimate desire will be to see these books in the hands of a student (back home) enjoying the read and learning new things from the texts, illustrations and pictures displayed. The lasting social and economic change that comes from more Africans knowing better is what I seek to achieve.”

Efiwe was conceived after a similar book drive ran by the founder (Philip Alabi) saw the delivery of about 800 books from the US to Tai Solarin University of Education (his alma mater).

He has ever since been motivated to attempt similar feat but with more scale and reach. Efiwe aims to have student organizations all over the US conduct book drives and send these books to different tertiary institutions in Africa.

Current needs of the project are listed below:

· recruiting more volunteers in the US for book collection and

· recruiting volunteers as writers (location doesn’t matter)

· recruiting volunteers in Africa for logistics and reaching out to institutions

· forging partnerships with Tertiary institutions

· forging partnerships with corporations and organizations for delivery of the goals of Efiwe and value exchange.

See efiwe.org to read more Please feel free to reach us +13123990694 | whatsapp: +16182160266 | +2347039818617 info@efiwe.org, www.efiwe.org, @efiwengo(twitter) https://www.facebook.com/efiweNGO/

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