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EPSCO-Ra, S.R.H. Marine Electronics partner to provide ‘best in breed’ Cyber Security for ships

EPSCO-Ra delivers a maritime purpose built Cyber Security Analytics and Monitoring service for ships and shore. Our solution operates across all satellite communication technology and platforms no matter who the provider is. We detect indicators of compromise that endpoint Antivirus and perimeter Firewall solutions cannot.

Most importantly we are adaptive to new and future threats and have a 24/7 protective impact on every security aspect of your fleets ‘big data’ security. We are the cyber security industry’s ‘best of breed’ standard for real time protection. By design to be scalable to your needs without costly hardware and staff investments. We take pride in seeing the big picture and work closely with our clients to achieve and maintain a secure information handling environment onboard and ashore.

A purpose built maritime ‘office and fleet’ cyber security service. Configured as needed for onboard, positioned within your corporate boundaries, and/or from our security center.

Through assessments, penetration tests, adaptive innovations, system improvements and using our ‘looped data stream analysis’ monitoring process we provide the most trusted solution in the cyber security industry.

24/7 Network Security Monitoring service delivered by a team of certified cyber security engineers matched with ‘best of breed’ monitoring systems and tools. ü Independent of satellite technology and configured for all platforms.

Detailed information and analysis reports routinely and on-demand with preventative and corrective advice.

Exceeds cyber security recommended guidance published by IMO, BIMCO, Class Societies, Underwriters, and supports international cyber security initiatives.

Third Party Validation of your fleet and company’s Cyber Security Initiatives.

Ongoing prevention and response advisory support. Improve the ability to assess, prevent, respond, and restore your networks.

DVR-like Date Stream Recording – Forensics. ‘Go back in time’ ability to determine exactly how a breach occurred.

Detect Malware where Anti-Virus Software and Scanners cannot. And determine when Endpoint ‘Anti-Virus’ protection has failed.

Manage, Maintain and update the Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS) and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) to operate at optimal performance.

Block criminal Malware from communicating to its command source.

Detect covert communications and threat reconnaissance.

External Service and Content Monitoring of exposed Internet services such as Email, FTP, Web Servers, etc.

Log File Analysis RaBox appliances installed on your network are capable of receiving log files from both infrastructure devices and hosts.

Managed Firewall Service.

Able to respond to emergency alerts and investigate indications of potential intrusions to identify the nature of the alerts.

Benefits and Cost Savings

Release staff of the time consuming process of daily alert log analysis and system maintenance and allows them to keep focused on the big picture.

Demonstrable savings versus employing specialized staff to manage, monitor and analyze security events internally.

Dramatically reduce the costs associated with buying or leasing and updating threat alert and network monitoring software and hardware.

Network Security Monitoring includes Reporting, System Maintenance and Updates.

Demonstrable Cost Savings in a maritime friendly pricing model. With no long term contract or large IT capital investment.

Short and simple ship and office implementation.

Penetration tests and assessments onboard and ashore.
Source: S.R.H. Marine Electronics

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