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Lagos Island flood disaster: Note of warning to victim mockers, Islanders and the Government



(TRADE NEWSWIRE): Yoruba elders say (Ojo n pa iyo inu ori n dun, ta ni ko mo pe bi ojo bada tan, orun lo ma ran lati yo ori na) English meaning (While the rain falls on salt and got it dissolved, shea-butter was making jest of salt as it dissolves, who does not know that once its stops raining, the next line of action is for sun to shine, and as it shines, it will also melt shea-butter which earlier mocked the salt during its own travails in return), TRADE NEWSWIRE reports.

The flood ravaging Lagos Island residents does not in any way warranted the jubilation of any discerning mind(s), as nobody is immuned from natural disaster; it is beyond human control, to the extent that a well planned and proactively thinking society cannot pride itself to be totally safe from the havoc of such disaster.

This is however, not to make excuses for faults, traceable to government and habitants therein, whether as a result of lack of proper drainage system by the government, blockage of the few available drainage system with refuse dumping by habitants to building on waterlog / ocean areas without proper proving-sustainable technology to that effect.

What I want us all to know is that natural disaster is beyond human control, but could only be proactively planned for to avoid collateral damage.  Once it happens, you should help in your own little way; if you can’t offer any practical help to the victims, pray for them; if you can’t pray for them, please chastise them not and keep a sealed lip.

Note: Let it be noted that what I have just said should not only be applicable to natural disaster, it should be personified and applied to even challenges of life faced by individuals, don’t mock friends, families, neighbours and colleagues when faced with challenges of life because, it is not by your power that life challenges are not thrown in your court by God, who knows, whether if it exits the person you are making jest of, its coming to your door step to have a taste, God forbid.

Yoruba elders say (Eni ija o’ba, lo’n pe’ra re l’okunrin) English meaning (It is the person that has never been faced with challenges of life that normally claims to be Mr. Competent (Real Man) by displaying arrogance over his/ her achievements and blame others inadequacies on their incompetency.

I urge government at all levels to wake up to their responsibilities, make lives and welfare of the governed as major priority, if this is done, it will naturally radiate on your performance, likewise it will also be detected if it is not taking uppermost in your developmental stride, while the governed should also cooperate and support the government.


May God Guide Our Leaders and Followers Aright

Sulaiman Adenekan

A Strategist/ Publisher

TRADE NEWSWIRE (www.tradenewswire.net)

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