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‘NYSC banned only ‘full-blown hijab’ not all types of Islamic veils’

(TRADE NEWSWIRE): It is noteworthy for the public to be well informed that the National Youth Service Corps ONLY banned full-blown hijab and not all other types of hijabs for female Muslim corpers at its Orientation Camps pending the time the fight against Boko Haram by the government would be won, TRADE NEWSWIRE reports.

I think the media has the responsibility to inform the public rightly with respect to the ban on full-blown Islamic veil by the NYSC and not misinform them.

NYSC only placed a ban on (FULL- BLOWN ISLAMIC VEIL) for security reasons which is understandable, as against what was widely reported in the media as if it was the commonly used mini or mid hijab that was banned.

The media must be careful not to mischievously and sentimentally heat up our fragile system.

Now, to the respected female Muslim corpers, i urge you all to bear with the management of NYSC on the ban on full-blown Islamic veil at the camp, not because you are not respected or you are being deprived of your right but for security of Muslims, Christians, traditionalists among other faithfuls at the camp.

The ongoing war on terrorism is strategically and anticipatorily carried out by our security agents in line with previously adopted stratagems by the terrorists among which is to deceitfully dressed in full-blown Islamic veil and conceal explosive devices therein to harm Nigerians irrespective of their religions, tribes or regions.

It is a known fact that you are (Highly) respected for taken the courage to dress modestly as against the devilish terrorists who facades your mode of dressing to wreck havock on the society, thereby making our honourable jewels of inestimable value to be marked for suspicion.

Please, you are not terrorist, and you can never one, but I want you all to bear with the NYSC and security agents with respect to the ban on this full-blown Islamic veil for now pending the time the military flushes Boko Haram off our country, as i believe that NYSC acted in good faith.

Our Muslim ladies/ women are indeed loved, cherished and highly respected. WE ARE PROUD OF YOU.

I thank you for your patriotic and sacrificial understanding.


Sulaiman Adenekan
A Strategist / Publisher
TRADE NEWSWIRE (www.tradenewswire.net).

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