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Picture and caption coined from Gbola Rahmon’s Facebook page: Even animals cry and feel grief, when they loose a soul. Whatever the motive, only them can tell. You and I may not be able to explain that but the Almighty God knows. My fellow Africans, Nigerians and friends in diaspora, let us all check our brain and stop the blood shed that take place every now and then.

Stop the killings: ‘Media, politicians, religious and tribal leaders incite hate, killings in Nigeria’

(TRADE NEWSWIRE): Some Journalists/ media, politicians, religious and tribal leaders are the ones spreading hate which metamorphosis into unending killings in Nigeria, TRADE NEWSWIRE reports.

While the killings across Nigeria especially in Benue, Taraba and Plateau are totally condemned in totality, there is no gainsaying the fact that the hate that led to killings we are now experiencing today, which is the resultant effect of greedily spread hate information against fellow human beings are caused by media, politicians, religious and tribal leaders among other factors.

That is why it is not good to sow the seed of hate, because it will bear fruits of agony, showned in the killings recorded in these states.

Media is now the vehicle to spread false information instead of publising / broadcasting information that will encourage peaceful co-existence of human beings, haven known that people of different religion, tibes, political believes will forever continue to cohabit till the world comes to an end, but reverse seems to be the case.

Today, the media is the one fanning the war song through their religious fanatically-motivated and tribal hate-laden editorials, which only goes to show the kind of minds and mentality possessed by the so called ‘EDITORS’ (apologies to my senior colleagues in the field of Journalism) who supposed to be the balancing minds of a multi-religious and multi-ethnic society like ours.

Instead of Editors write-ups to be societal-focussed on how to make it a better place for all, it is unfortunate that their write-ups are motivated by wishes of their Pastors, Alfas, tribal or political paymasters targeted at running down other people, tribes, religion or political figures to achieve their selfish aim.

Editors/ journalists, please wake-up, if you know you are still very much entangled to your religious leaders, there is no need to come to the news room at all, it is better you stick with evangelism work in the church or mosque, instead of using the platform of journalism to fan hatred among mankind to the extent that it now turns into killings among the people by the day.

Unfortunatley, what you now report is the symptom of the cause of a problem instead of the real cause  (hate) that you are the brain behind.

Can you see the damage you have done? You will definitely account for it, only if that is what you are meant to use journalism for?

Oga Editor, you fan the discord of hate, you indirectly kill, you maim, you destroy with your pen all in the name of religion, tribe, politics and the cult of whatever kind you devilishly or religiously belong to or you are working for, I say ‘religiously’ because if you belong to religious forum and all you do is to encourage hate and killings among mankind then it is not different from normal devilish cult group regardless of the religious colourattion you might give, honestly you will account to God.

Would you say you don’t know what journalism is all about and what is it is to be used for? It is unfortunate. Journalism must be focussed on PEACE, SALAM, SHALOM; PEACE, SALAM, SHALOM; PEACE, SALAM, SHALOM; PEACE, SALAM, SHALOM; PEACE, SALAM, SHALOM; PEACE, SALAM, SHALOM; PEACE, SALAM, SHALOM TARGETED AT HUMAN AND SOCIETAL DEVELOPMENT AND ADVANCEMENT, but you are blind-folded with religion, ethnicity, politics and your cult believe.

Politicians, Religious and Tribal leaders, especially the Media cooks-up, twist and spread false information to gain power, increase their wealth, increase tribal hate in the minds of their subject against other tribes, and spread religious influence so as to continue to control vulnerable/ feeble minded people for their selfish and greeedy aims that God never sent them to do.

I could remember during my early years of establishing TRADE NEWSWIRE (www.tradenewswire.net). When I published the first TRADE NEWSWIRE magazine, i took the free copy of the magazine to the office of a ‘person’ who I won’t mention his name, but did not meet him in the office.

When I eventually phoned him later in the day to know wether he saw the magazine I brought to his office, he answered i saw it, and said Sulaiman you cannnever get advert., I was supprised by his comment, but never got depressed, instead, I was further motivated to push harder inspite of the sufferings I went through till date..

That is to tell you the level of hate we have for one another across different dividing factors. To the extent that we battle ourselves economically, the slogan is now if the person does not belong to your ‘group’, he must not prosper and you will do everything to ensure he does not survive economically, what you are going to gain from that? You better change your way of life and be broad-minded.

May I ask my fellow Nigerians the following questions?

Do we truly know God?

Do we truly serve God?

Do we have conscience at all?

Are we still sane human beings to have encouraged killings of our fellow human beings all in the name of tribes, religion or politics among other sentimental bond-dividing factors?

Are our minds discerningly nutured to distinguish between what is right and wrong before we pass judgement?

Have we ever gone through any form of pain or argony to know how the person in pain feels before we inflict pain of any form on other people?

Have we ever asked ourselves the reaon for our existence on earth of which the answer provided by us will enable us know how wrongly, rightly or balanced the descision(s) taken by us so far in every circumstances of our lives had been?

Have you ever come to terms with your real person i.e who you are to enable you free yourself from continous life-long and carefully orchestrated brainwashing be it from families, religion, tribe or human asscociation that makes you to live a fake life and a life that is not actually yours?

Let us love one another, let us stop the killings, let us stop the spread of false information and let us live in peace.



May God Guide Our Leaders Right.



Sulaiman Adenekan

A Strategist/ Publsher

TRADE NEWSWIRE (www.tradenewswire.net).







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