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Duterte Invites China to Fight Abu Sayyaf Pirates

  On Tuesday, Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte told a group of generals that “we would be glad” to have Chinese patrol vessels in Philippine waters off Sulu and Basilan, an area that has been plagued by pirate attacks by the terrorist group Abu Sayyaf. Duterte said that he had asked China to contribute to patrols of the area. “They can’t ...

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Eight Fishermen Killed by Pirates Off Mindanao

On Monday night, eight fishermen were shot and killed by pirates in the vicinity of Siromon Island, near Zamboanga City. According to survivors, armed men in speedboats boarded the fishing boat and ordered the crew to move towards the bow. The attackers opened fire, killing eight and forcing five others into the water. Police photos (not suitable for reproduction) show that the ...

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