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The judicial system, Nigerians and President Muhammadu Buhari’s fight against corruption

(TRADE NEWSWIRE): There are a flying, running walking and crawling problems, just as we also have flying, running walking and crawling solutions, TRADE NEWSWIRE reports.
Nigeria judicial system had for long been deliberately and corruptly crippled so as to make JUSTICE i.e RULE OF LAW in the country to stop FLYING- where it actually belongs, to now start CRAWLING operationally – where it does not belong because of corruption, thereby to a FLYING PROBLEM from a FLYING SOLUTION.
If that is the case, in order to restore the lost glory, the problem of a once FLYING JUDICIAL system that is now CRAWLING operationally cannot be solved with same CRAWLING RULE OF LAW, as we had for long been pretentiously postulating with no meaningful result, which now makes the problem of the JUDICIAL system to be FLYING.
Rather, we must use a FLYING SOLUTION to solve the FLYING problem of the JUDICIAL SYSTEM, not a CRAWLING solution to solve the FLYING problem of the JUDICIAL SYSTEM.
While not saying that the RULE OF LAW should be disrespected, as sense of reasoning and logic must be allowed in the management of our system for us to genuinely and sincerely move forward.
Yoruba elders say the following:
(Kaka ki e b’ole wi, e ni ibi ti oninkan gbe si kodara) English meaning (Instead of blaming the thief, you say where the owner kept his belongings is not good)
(Ibi ko ju ibi, bi a ti bi eru, la b’omo)English meaning (There is no seniority in childbearing, as we give birth to a slave, same way we gave birth to a freeborn)
(Omo yin ko se agbafo, oun ko aso wa ile, eri oju ole e o bawi) English meaning (Your child is not a dry-cleaner, but continue to bring cloths home, while you know that such act is stealing and you supposed to warn him against it, but you refuses)
(Bi oju ba n se ipin, a a yo lati fi won oju, ki o le mo pe ko dara) English meaning (If an eye is filled with eye log, we must remove the log to show it to the eye, so that it will know that it is not befitting of the eye)
(Puro-puro, ku s’oju eru) English meaning (A liar dies by a coal-ash)
(Sika-sika ku, o na’se s’aro) English meaning (An evil doer dies with his legs stretched towards a fired -traditional cooking stove)
(Olotito nikan loku sinu posi ide) English meaning (Only the truthful dies and buried in a golden coffin)
(Otito loye ki a se ni gbogbo igba, nitori okun iro ki i pe ja) English meaning (Let us say,practice and be on the side of the truth always because the rope of lies is not long lasting, as it will break in no distant time.
I URGE NIGERIANS TO SUPPORT THE GOVERNMENT OF PRESIDENT MUHAMMADU BUHARI, i am not saying he is perfect, not at all, only GOD is perfect, but he means well for the country.
May God Guide Our Leaders Right
Sulaiman Adenekan
A Strategist/ Publisher
TRADE NEWSWIRE (www.tradenewswire.net)

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