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President Donald Trump of the United States of America

To President Donald Trump of America:’Adopt diplomacy instead of force on North Korean stand off’-Strategic report

.‘Let Doves fly the sky instead of missiles’


Your Excellency sir,

(TRADE NEWSWIRE): I humbly urge the Government of the United States of America to adopt diplomacy in place of brutal force against North Korea to address its controversial nuclear and missile programmes, TRADE NEWSWIRE reports.

A proverb by my highly revered elders in Yoruba land, Nigeria goes thus: (Alagbara ti o ba mo ija ti ko mo isa, iru won ma n ba ogun lo ni) English meaning (A powerful man who possess war strategies and battled-ready for war anytime, but does not have a retreating strategy from going ahead with his war plan will surely be consumed by the war inpite of his military prowess).

A Leader, who is truly concerned about the peace and security of the people, must do the following:

-A retreat by a super power in the face of confrontational war of words is not a sign of weakness

-As much as it is good to communicate with the people, a leader must rarely talk with respect to confrontational war of words between countries not to talk of even personally issuing threat messages on social media, it is not diplomatic of a leader enough.

– You don’t fight every war

-You choose wars to fight strategically and carefully

Let Doves fly sky instead of missiles

-You don’t beat your child with cane every time he or she offends you, if care is not taking, the beating could make him/ her to be more stubborn and more harm could be done by so doing than repair as planned.

-You don’t use a standard strategy for every issue you assumed to be a security threat even when you have the military capabilities to deal with it.

The strategy to apply a times must be dynamic. For example, that a man is the head of a family and have power to some extent over his wife and the children, he cannot say that because he beat his children with cane to correct them when they offended him, that same strategy of cane beaten will be applied on his wife when she offends him.

They both require different corrective strategies when they err, it will be catastrophic to beat your wife with cane just because you beat your children and got away with it, if you do that with your wife, it could be catastrophic and mark the beginning of the end of the powerful man and head of the family. Note that this is metaphoric.

President Trump, I will advise you to dialogue with the North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, for peace to reign in the world, just as i will also urge the North Korean leader to cooperate with the world leaders to realize a peaceful world that Kim Jong-Un also cherish.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un

Dialogue, dialogue, and dialogue and more of diplomacy embedded with much maturity are the solution and I will indeed appreciate if you follow this path.

It is instructive to consider these in order to avoid a situation as expressed in one of the proverbs of my highly revered Yoruba elders that says: (Ediye ba le okun, ara ko ro okun ara ko ro adiye) English meaning (A fowl perches on a rope, both the fowl and the rope becomes uncomfortable).



Sulaiman Adenekan

 A Strategist/ Publisher

TRADE NEWSWIRE (www.tradenewswire.net)

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